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To say that this weekend was a good one would be the understatement of the century.

I apologize for the radio silence around here while we are submerged in wedding season & thankful for it we must add! I had every intention on popping in a time or two at least, but alas life took hold and we just went along for the ride. While we have still been pretty active over on Instagram (you can follow along here, if you’d like), we have our computer full of breathtaking photos and we can not wait to get them in front of you!

As always, here’s a little glimpse of a beautiful wedding at Rosemary. And thank you for coming back despite my neglect around here lately! We have lots of exciting posts lined up for the coming weeks. May God bless your day!

***List of talented vendors Below***



img_8105img_8603img_8441img_8643-2img_9414img_7322img_7325img_8256img_8268img_5786img_6009img_9901img_9591img_6015img_5900img_5147img_0035img_0038img_0221img_0081img_0116img_0236-2img_0170img_8211Vendors that go above & beyond:

Photography: Living Roots

Cake/Catering/Coordination: Okie Cookies Catering

Dress: Bella Rose Bridal & Formal

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As the leaves begin falling to the ground, we are reminded of the joyful vows God blessed us with during our debut Spring and Summer wedding season at The Ridge. We have learned SOO much and received a bounty of grace, all undeserving but humbly received.  We are becoming fluent in wedding world details, but above all our eyes have been opened to the overflow of God’s love and faithfulness through the gift and commitment of marriage. We stand here grateful for Rosemary Ridge and what God is achieving through our imperfect selves, ministry and business. His goodness will forever take our breath away! As the weather changes we are embracing a little rest as well as The Ridge being transformed into a cozy sanctuary for your guest to witness forever vows being made.




Venue: Rosemary Ridge Event Venue


Cake: Round House

Food: Stillwater Medical Center Catering

Floral: Little Shop of Flowers

Event Coordinator: Heather Cole (Forever Cole)

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austin 44

Your wedding venue is one of the first (and most important!) decisions you will make as a newly engaged couple. Exploring all the gorgeous spaces out there can be fun, but overwhelming. Narrow down your search by starting with these three necessary questions:

  1. Is our date available?
  2. Can this space accommodate our number of guests?
  3. Does this venue fit within our budget?

If the venue meets these three early requirements—thumbs up! Go ahead and book your tour, visit the venue, and see if it has that special feel you’re looking for. When you do get in touch with your favorite venues, don’t forget to bring a checklist of questions that will help you know what to expect and will make everything run smoothly on your big day.


  • Will the space be exclusively ours, or will other events be going on simultaneously? If there are other events, where can we expect overlap (i.e. restroom use, kitchen use, etc.)?
  • Is there a bridal suite/groom’s suite available? What time can we expect access to those?
  • Are ample restroom facilities conveniently (but discreetly) located?
  • Are you able to accommodate a band/DJ (power outlets, extension cords, speakers, noise restrictions, etc.)
  • What is the parking situation? Will a hired parking attendant be necessary?
  • Is there anything about the space that will be affected by inclement weather?
  • Do you have a secure place to store any gifts guests might bring?
  • Where do you recommend a send-off? Is there a convenient place for guests to stand, and for the getaway car to drive up?
  • Are you expecting to undergo any changes to the venue prior to our date? (i.e., reconstruction, remodeling, paint color, lighting changes).
  • What is your cancellation policy?


  • Is there a venue director? Will he/she be present on our wedding day? Which duties is he/she responsible for? Can we meet him/her today?
  • Do you require particular vendors at your venue? If so, may we have a copy of that list?
  • Do you have a list of recommended vendors you trust that we can look at?
  • Are there any restrictions for our other vendors? (i.e. photographers, wedding/event coordinators, etc.)


  • Are there any restrictions on décor items (candles, etc.)?
  • Will any furniture or décor be provided to us by the venue (tables, chairs, linens, etc.)?
  • May we move any existing furniture/décor, or does it need to stay as is?
  • Do you have any restrictions on furniture that we bring in?
  • When can we expect to bring our décor to the venue? Is there somewhere we can store it before setup?


  • Do we have the freedom to bring in our out vendors?
  • How does the cleanup process work?


  • Do you have a liquor license?
  • Will you allow us to bring our own liquor? If so, is there a corkage fee?
  • Do you provide a bartending service, or is that up to us? Do you have any stipulations on the bartender we bring in?


  • When can my vendors arrive to set up? Will there be a point of contact when they arrive, or do we need to arrange for someone to be here to direct them?
  • Are there any sendoff restrictions (i.e. no sparklers, etc.)
  • How long are my guests welcome to stay? Is there an hourly fee for going overtime?

Lastly, be sure to ask what you can do to acknowledge your venue’s service if all goes well. Recommending your venue to other brides, or rating them online can be a much-appreciated gesture to thank your venue for their assistance.

Your venue will likely appreciate your thoughtfulness in covering all your bases before booking—asking these questions can prevent plenty of mishaps leading up to and on your special day! Being prepared on your venue tours can help narrow down your favorite places based on practical needs.

We at The Ridge always urge our tours to have fun exploring for their special venue, it will be the home to your wedding day so make sure it’s a place that truly feels like home to you both!

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